Controller Solar Charge PWM2024A-20A/12V/24V AUTO

It is a device that performs the function of regulating the battery’s charge, protects the battery against overloading and over-discharge to enhance the life of the battery, and helps the solar system to use effectively. the fruit.

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It is a device that performs the function  of regulating the battery’s charge , protects the  battery against overloading  and over-discharge to enhance the life of the  battery,  and helps the solar system to use effectively. fruit and lasting. –  The controller  also shows the charge status of the solar panel on the battery to help users control the loads. – The controller also performs protection against overvoltage (> 13.8V) or low voltage (<10.5V). The controller protection circuit will perform a circuit break when  the controller  confirms that the battery is fully charged or the battery voltage is too low.

 Instruction manual & connection diagram:

– Use within the range of machine specifications.

– Carefully observe the input and output terminals before connecting the pole (+) to the pole (+), the pole (-) against the pole (-).

– Led lights show:

        + Led charging indicator:  

            Lights off: No charging, no connection to solar panels or weak sunlight

            Light on: The indicator is charging

            Flashing light: Full battery indicator or charging indicator

       + Led battery capacity indicator  :

           Green indicator light: Full alert

           Yellow indicator LED: Normal report

           Red indicator light blinks: Low voltage protection for the battery

      + Led download notification:

           Open leds: Download

           Led off: Download                          

           Led light blinks: Off load,  output overload or short circuit





Solar battery voltage input automatically 12vDC 24vDC  
Charging line 30A Max.  
Output voltage automatic battery load 12vDC 24vDC  
Maximum voltage of solar batteries 19vDC 28vDC  
Maximum charging current for solar batteries 30A Max.  
Loss line 6mA  
Charging disconnection threshold (battery full) 14.4V ± 2%  28.8V ± 2%   
Recharging threshold 13.6V ± 2%  27.2V ± 2%   
Auto overload overload protection                          I> 30A      
  Low voltage protection Auto battery disconnect U ≤ 11.1V ± 2%. U ≤ 22.2V ± 2%.  
  Automatically reconnect 12.6V 25.2V  
Dimensions (mm) hxwxd 168 x 88 x 34  
Storage temperatures -35 ° C – 70 ° C  
Working temperature -25 ° C – 60 ° C



– Control charging  and regulating the battery charge   in the solar power system, supplying electricity to household electric equipment such as lighting, televisions, CD players, Video systems, computer stands, telephone exchange, computers fax, fan, water pump, internet or company, office building … 

Application model for non-chargers for batteries from the national 220v power grid, only use from 12v to 220vac batteries:


Application Inverter samyoung 100W

Model application for the type of battery charger from the national 220v power grid:
Application Inverter samyoung 100W