FL90 solar powered LED floodlight 60W

Enhance your outdoor space with the FL90 solar powered headlight – a new modern product with many smart optimization features, worthy of the choice for lighting your home space or using For lighting for factories, factories, parking lots, outdoor play areas ….

New design white light, removable battery pack, convenient installation, high capacity, large battery capacity help illuminate large space and longer lighting time. Nice design and high quality.

1.400.000 1.250.000

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echnical data

Wattage 60W 100W 150W
LED quantity 40 leds – SMD5054 72 leds – SMD5054 120 led – SMD5054
Lamp size 190 * 170 * 55 mm 235 * 180 * 55 mm 290 * 235 * 55 mm
The battery 12AH – 15W 6V 18Ah – 20W 6V 28Ah – 28W 6V
Panel size 350 * 350 * 20 mm 450 * 350 * 20 mm 560 * 350 * 20 mm
Operating voltage 3.2V
Charging time 6-8 hours
Lighting time ~ 12 hours
Standard IP66
Guarantee 1 year

Advantages in the design of FL90 solar headlights:

+ The lamp has a new design with a cleaner surface, so it is compact, with a rectangular light box and modern white, the material of high-quality aluminum lamp.

+ Removable panels with lights play the role of absorbing energy from sunlight, this is the main source of energy for LED lights to operate, no need to connect the grid, no wires connected, so it does not cost money on electricity Monthly.

+ On the surface of the lamp includes many SMD 5054 LED chips with high capacity for strong lighting ability with large area. 120-degree wide light angle to achieve lighting effects for all environments and weather conditions.

+ All components of this FL90 LED headlight are designed, mounted extremely meticulously, firmly, against vibration, scratches and bumps, ensuring waterproof when installed outdoors.

+ Light design 3 different power versions: 60W, 100W, 150W. Depending on the lighting needs, you choose the appropriate power level, the greater the power, the stronger and farther the light.

+ Large capacity battery with fast charging time of only 6-8 hours for use throughout the night.

+ Lights cé more remote for easy adjustment.

+ No need electric wire, the installation is extremely easy, and the operation of the lamp is also fully automatically turned on / off every day.

+ This FL90 solar powered headlight is a premium product suitable for all outdoor lighting spaces.