GDL6077 flame effect solar lamp

With the design of a liberal, modern, delicate details, the GDL6077 solar decorative lamp is very suitable to decorate your home. The lamp uses natural electricity and emits a soft, pleasant light, adding warmth to your campus at night.

560.000 250.000

Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Solar panel 5.5V 1W
Battery life span 5 years
Lamp size 135 x 135 x 470 mm
Material ABS
LED number 72 pcs SMD2835
Brightness 30lm
The battery 1200mAh Li-ion
Waterproof standard IP65

Outstanding features of solar lights GDL6077:

– GDL6077 solar flame lamp has a design that is not too fussy , small and light, easy to move and install. The light box is made of high quality ABS plastic material so it is safe and environmentally friendly.

– On the top of the light box is a solar panel made of polycrystalline silicon semiconductor, with an electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 18%.

– The vertical bulb has a vertical cylinder that gives off a cozy yellow light thanks to 72 SMD2835 LED chips.

– The way to install the lamp is extremely simple and does not need any wires. You simply hold the stake and plug it directly into the ground where you want it to be placed, as long as the area is exposed to sunlight so it can charge naturally.

– The use of solar panels to generate electricity from natural energy that lights can operate for lighting every night without affecting your electricity bill at all

– In addition, the lamp is equipped with a light sensor, which helps the device to recognize when it is dark and when it is dark, so that the on / off switch can be switched on and off to help save energy.