GDL61 solar garden mold lighting

GDL61 solar lamp is a lamp model that is used to provide light for the garden, walkways, parks, squares … very effectively. With good illumination at a wide range of up to 50m2, this will be a great choice to decorate and illuminate the space you need.

3.200.000 2.950.000

Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Model GDL61
Power 20W
Size Height 40 * length 45 * width 45 Cm
The battery 7.4V8800mAH
Charging time 6-8 hours
Material Aluminum
Water proof standard IP65

Salient features of solar garden model GDL61:

– With a simple but quite unique design, simulating a square hopper with 4 tempered glass surfaces with high durability, does not affect the light source from the inner bulb and especially good waterproof ability with pepper IP65 standard.

– The light source is emitted from high-class LED bulbs, which provide high intensity white light but generate very little heat and consume very little power. This type of LED bulb possesses a lot of strong points that are currently applied a lot in the lighting industry.

– Not only has the advantages, friendly with environment, LED bulbs also have a very long service life of up to 50,000 hours.

– Lights operated by the power supplied from the manufacturing process of the layer solar panels above the light box. This type of solar panels has the ability to absorb sunlight and convert into electricity with a high conversion rate that helps the battery charge process only 6-8 hours in the sun.

– All the operation of the lights are automated thanks to the optical sensor, they will sense the darkness, it will trigger the controller to start the lights on, whereas when it is bright, the lights will automatically turn off.

– GDL61 solar lights install them extremely easily and do not require wires. This makes you feel more secure when using the lights outdoors rain and wind without worrying about incidents such as broken wires, open circuits … dangerous.

This lamp product is suitable for choosing lighting for areas such as garden, walkway, parking lot, gate, park, square, play area …