Inverter Sofar Solar HYD 3000-ES

Product Name: HYD 3000-ES

Product Model: 3000-ES

23.000.000 22.990.000

Thanh toán ngay


  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max power generation
  • Wide input voltage operation range
  • Independent dual MPPT tracking ,flexible solar roof system design

Reliable and Safe

  • High efficiency low energy loss,Low maintenance
  • High frequency isolation between battery & PV/grid
  • Advanced battery management technology to protect the battery life

Easier Operation

  • Free site selection due to IP65
  • 4’LCD clear,easy-to-read display
  • Easy monitoring on phone(APP) & PC(web)

Multiple working modes

  • PV & storage all in one,increases self consumption to 80%+,decreases reliance on the electrical grid,decreases the electricity bill
  • Stand alone mode(like UPS)available,ensures safe operation of critical loads
  • Multiple operation modes selection: auto mode,time-of-use mode,timing mode,passive mode etc.

Intelligent grid management

  • Reactive power capbility
  • Limits AC output when grid frequency is too high or too low
  • Limits AC output when grid voltage is too high
  • Built in zero export function(optional)


Download Specifications HYD 3000-ES Here