PL-ST40 multi-functional decorative solar lights

With a unique design and smart accessories, lighting your home campus becomes easier and more flexible than ever before. PL-ST40 3-in-1 solar light is currently chosen by many people to adorn their gardens, balconies, and walkways around their homes at night.

600.000 464.000

Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Voltage 5.5V
Solar panel 5.5V 1.7W efficiency 17%
Lamp size 210 x 130 x 130 mm
Led light SMD 96 pcs
Brightness 20lm
Color temperature 1900K
Weight 0.37 kg
Material ABS
The battery Lithium ion 3.7V 2200mAh
Charging time 8 o’clock
Operation time up to 10 hours
Waterproof standard IP65
Certification CE, RoHS, FCC …

Notable features of PL-ST40 solar flame lamp:

– Part light box PL-ST40 has a lightweight design, a blocky box form. Inside, there are 96 LEDs capable of glowing with high intensity, especially the emitting light has the effect of a flaming fire quite interesting.

– Material used to make lamps is high quality ABS plastic, IP65 waterproof standard, resistant to hot weather, rain, wind …

– The solar panel used for this PL-ST40 fire lamp is a premium type made of silicon semiconductor that has a very high energy conversion of up to 17.5%, can be continuously illuminated 6 to 8 hours if fully charged.

– The integrated optical sensor on the top side is also very helpful, they help the lamp optimize the power consumption by helping the device distinguish whether it is bright or dark to turn on / off the light.

– This is called a 3-in-1 lamp because the product comes with 3 types of stands that allow you to install in 3 different ways:

  • Type 1: Pile, this type you just plug directly into the surface of the ground you want to decorate.
  • Type 2: Wall mounted, this type of table can use screws to mount lights on fence walls, side walls, pillars …
  • Type 3: For table, with this style you can place on flat surfaces such as outdoor dining tables, pool tables, etc.