PL28 solar garden light

The PL28 solar lamp is one of the great options for those who want to refresh, impress the campus around their house.

550.000 520.000

Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Wattage 5W
Size 150 x 420 mm
Quality plastic + stainless steel
Weight 450g
LED quantity 2 pcs 5248
Lumen 100lm
Solar Panel Polysilicon 4.5V 200mA
The battery 1 x AA Lithium 3.7V
Lighting time 6-8 hours
Waterproof standard IP44
Longevity 100,000 hours

Salient features of PL28 solar earth lamp:

– The top of the light box is a set of solar batteries, during the day it will absorb light to produce electricity, when it is dark will provide this power for light bulbs to maintain lighting. This panel is Poly, a high-class energy battery and possesses the ability to convert opto-electricity with high efficiency.

– Light box is designed as a half sphere and is designed with eye-catching patterns to help light emit refractions in many directions to create interesting light trails at night.

– Light is emitted with high intensity from 2 super energy-saving LED bulbs. Currently LED lamp technology is being applied very widely because they consume very little energy and generate very little heat so extremely environmentally friendly.

– Below the light, there is an on / off switch so you can start it when you use it or turn it off for long periods of time when it’s not in use.

– PL28 solar powered decorative lights using 3.7V AA Lithium storage batteries. When fully charged lights can light continuously for 6-8 hours.

– Lamp installation is always a lot simpler than conventional electric lights because the PL28 model does not require you to connect complicated power lines but simply plug into the ground or exchange the base to Put in garden, walkway … wherever you want to decorate.

– Installation without wires is also a quite convenient factor, especially families with children and pets will be very safe.

– You can apply lights to decorate and light the garden, walkways, flower beds, …