Solar aisle light GDL0886

LED garden lights using solar power GDL0886  is a high-class, modern lighting device thanks to the application of solar technology. Not only lighting function, but also lights to decorate the campus around the house, adding warm colors at night .

1.900.000 1.850.000

Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Lamp power 5W
Panel capacity 6V 4.5W
Size Height: 65cmUpper diameter: 26cm
The battery LiFePO4 3.2V 7AH
Color temperature 3000K ~ 6000K
LED 160 lm / w
Charging time 6-8h
Used Time > 15h
Standard IP65
Material Aluminum + PC
Lamp color White

Features and features of GDL0886 solar garden lights:

– The light looks simple but delicate, not fussy but extremely luxurious, with this eye-catching design, the lamp is suitable for night and day decoration.

– The pillar body has a hollow cylindrical structure that makes the lamp quite sturdy and is made of aluminum alloy so it has good resistance to deformation, no rust, ensuring durability even when placed outside in the rain and the sun. grim.

– The lamp uses LED bulbs that emit a light of 160 Lm / W enough for users to see clearly the landscape around the lighting range, the light density is stable, so it is not harmful to the eyes. Light box is constructed very tight with waterproof ability to IP65 international standards.

– The constituent materials are high-quality materials, so they can withstand most harsh weather such as hot sun, wind, rain, hail …

– The built-in battery panel on the GDL0886 is polycrystalline with high day light absorption and power conversion. Electric current is stored into the battery to provide for lamp operation at night.

Lithium-ion storage batteries are known to be a premium type because they are not only environmentally friendly, they also have a longer life span than other types of batteries.

– Sensor interrupts charging and lighting automatically works to help protect the charging process better as well as optimize energy saving for lights to last longer at night.

– This is an independent operating device, self-producing electricity to provide for the entire operation of the lamp. Therefore, they do not require you to connect cumbersome wires to load power causing confusion, loss of aesthetics and unsafe.

– LED solar garden lights GDL0886 suitable for using lighting and decoration for areas such as walkways, flower gardens, stairs …